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Ultimate Master Collection

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Masters of Energy

Ultimate Master Collection

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Country Living

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Wind Power Research and Patents

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Wind power is a renewable source of energy which can be used for farms, homes and place of business. Take advantage of the fact that wind is free, unlike our electricity bills, and while saving money in the long run, also help the environment by going green.

Frogs An up close look...

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Witness the amazing life of frogs and get up close into their world. Follow the life cycle of frogs from egg to adult. Great for teachers and classroom studies. Our video contains many types of beautifully colored frogs. Observe lots of swimming, croaking, and jumping!

"Sons of God" by Jordan Maxwell

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Jordan Maxwell presents a jaw-dropping 87-minute power point laying out the entire Biblical story of the fallen angels who look like men. Jordan makes clear the Biblical difference between "angels" and "sons of god." He shows that according to the Bible itself the "sons of god" are, for all practical purposes, human.

Howard Johnson's Permanent Magnet Motor

The Plans of a Genius and the Future of Clean Energy

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This rare and exciting video documentary contains a wealth of information regarding inventor Howard Robert Johnson and his incredible research.

World Without Cancer

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In this documentary, written by G. Edward Griffin, he reveals an amazing study that can cure and prevent cancer once and for all. He finds that by taking the vitamin B-17, it will cure any and all cancers found in our society.

Perfect Wedding Made Easy 

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Our video is sure to save you time and money, no matter how big your wedding plans are.

America's Worst Serial Killer Ever

The Story of Grays Harbor & Billy Gohl

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Billy Gohl was the leader of the Sailor Union of the Pacific in Grays Harbor, Washington through the years of 1902 to 1910. His position made it fairly easy to murder his victims. His office contained a hidden trap door that dumped into the river. Using it to his advantage, he used it to dispose of the bodies.