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H. Johnson's Magnet Motor

Howard Johnson's Permanent Magnet Motor

The Plans of a Genius and the Future of Clean Energy

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This rare and exciting video documentary contains a wealth of information regarding inventor Howard Robert Johnson and his incredible research.

His controversial U.S. patents and work in quantum mechanical phenomenon could potentially develop into a clean alternative energy source the world desperately needs.

Documentary includes:

  • Narrated short video: "Howard Johnson: A Genius and his Incredible Research".
  • The complete set of Howard Johnson's US patent plans.
  • An article from the Spring 1980 issue of Science and Mechanics Magazine.
  • Research assistant Tom Beardens's letter regarding the Johnson Motor, Johnson's work and the related principles.
  • A technical article wrote by Howard Johnson on quantum mechanical molecular energy, and the forces his invention operates on.
  • Over twenty other patents that could radically enhance the technology if somehow combined with the Johnson Motor.
  • Includes several plans on how to build your own working power generator.
  • Much more...

A large amount of time and research has been spent producing this unique video presentation.

This is a great video for any science enthusiast or anyone interested in exceptional alternative energy inventions.


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