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Wind Power Tutorials

Wind Power Research and Patents

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Wind power is a renewable source of energy which can be used for farms, homes and place of business. Take advantage of the fact that wind is free, unlike our electricity bills, and while saving money in the long run, also help the environment by going green.

You will gain much satisfaction once you experience electrical independence from your power company.

This exciting video demonstrates the fundamentals of windmill energy producing technology. Our video contains several tutorials for designing and building your own windmill. Many windmill related and alternative energy patent designs are included.

Learn the basics of battery and alternator functions with easy to learn diagrams. Learn how to build windmill towers. Much more...
This is a great video for anybody who is interested in saving money and looking for alternative forms of energy to perform many types of electrical tasks.

Remember, wind is free! Learn how to use this free source of clean energy with our video. We have spent many hours of research producing this video. A lot of time and effort was used in its creation.

Can be played on any PC or DVD player. Approximately 2 hours.


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