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Thomas Edison Collection

Thomas Edison Collection

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Over 10,000 pages of Information, plus Video and Audio Files
This rare and exciting collection contains a wealth of information regarding inventor Business man Thomas A. Edison and his incredible research.

His many US patents and work in electricity are covered in extent on this rare collection.

DVD contains the following Fifteen (15) volumes:

  • 1886 Edison Incandescence Catalog
  • 1889 Edison and His Inventions. 288 pages.
  • 1893 Inventors - Men and Their Achievements. 328 pages.
  • 1895 Mechanics Library. 582 pages.
  • 1908 Thomas Alva Edison - Sixty years of an inventors life. 444 pages.
  • 1911 Boys Life of Edison. 376 pages.
  • 1917 Thomas A. Edison - Life story of a great man. 240 pages.
  • 1921 Boys Life of Edison. 416 pages.
  • 1922 Forty Years of Edison Service. 204 pages.
  • 1922 The Story of Thomas Edison. 200 pages.
  • 1922 True Stories of Great Americans. 234 pages.
  • 1951 The Edison Effect. 78 pages.
  • Thomas Alva Edison - The Telegraph Boy Who Became a Great Inventor. 132 pages.
  • Photos - 128 vintage photos, of Edison, his family, friends, laboratories, inventions and more.
  • Menlo Park Reminisces - Vol I. 373 pages. Early biography of Edison and his inventions.
  • Menlo Park Reminisces - Vol II. 440 pages. Early biography of Edison and his inventions.
  • Patents - 680 PDF files of Edison's most important inventions, with diagrams and descriptions.

Also some really great bonus items:

  • Irwin Rice Kiss - This is the first ever moving picture image of a kiss. It was selected for preservation in the National Film Registry.
  • Around the World on the Phonograph - This spoken-word recording made circa late October 1888 is believed to be the oldest surviving recording of Thomas Edison's voice. The informal message whimsically describes an imagined trip "around the world on the phonograph," by Cunard steamer from New York City to Liverpool, through Europe and Asia, giving specific ships, railroads, cities, and points of interest en route.
  • Animal Sounds by Thomas Edison - This is a rare recording by Thomas Edison in 1878. It features various animal sounds and someone's (probably Edison's) voice speaking.
  • Thomas Alva Edison-Speaking - Inventor Edison 1878 first recorded sound and a couple of others.
  • 1910 Frankenstein Movie - One of the most sought after short films by fans of the silent era is the 1910 production of Frankenstein from Thomas Edison’s Edison Studios.


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