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Crop Circles

Crop Circles: The Undeniable Evidence

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This compelling video investigates the crop circle phenomenon by examining hundreds of cases and photographic evidence worldwide with the assistance of experts in science.

This video includes rare and unique footage of UFO spheres in the area of crop circle formations! The discoveries for some, will be disturbing, for others, challenging to accept. Everything you wanted to know about crop circles...

This 2 hour presentation contains hundreds of crop circle photos and compelling scientific research on these sites.

This is the best video documentary ever produced regarding the crop circle/alien signs phenomena!

Runtime Approx. 120 min. Color. Video screenshots below.

Crop Circles footage1

Alien Encounters: The Wright Patterson Airforce Base Connection.

A must see research documentary in which many rare interviews and collected evidence is shown! This video is approaching vintage condition, however it contains much rare and sought after evidence of UFO/Alien activity. The U.S. government's involvement in a cover up and alien body testing is of much value in this presentation.

A few topics include:

  • Mark Brasil's Lincoln County New Mexico property is discussed. In July 1947 this was the exact crash site starting the Roswell cover up.
  • Rare interview with Walter Hawk - Roswell Army Airfield Public Information Officer.
  • Compelling photographic military footage showing a F-15 fighter jet engaging a UFO.
  • Rare audio recordings of a former Air Force Physician testifying about alien bodies recovered near Roswell.
  • Testimony describing how Maj. Jessie Marrill Army Intelligence Officer did not believe the Weather balloon story.
  • Rare interview with Glenn Dennis - Roswell mortician. He testifies that he was approached by the military for a strange request.
  • Interview with Hector Quintanilla - Last Head Director of "Project Blue Book".
  • Incredible Information from a VA Dental technician who was approached by the military in 1979. Hard evidence the military may be testing alien bodies.
  • Much, more.

Runtime approx. 30 min. Color. Video screenshots below.

Crop Circles footage2


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