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UFO's : The Hidden Truth

UFO's : The Hidden Truth

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The most comprehensive documentary on UFOs ever produced! This documentary reveals interviews of people which have had face-to-face alien encounters as well as alleged abductions.

A few topics covered include:

  • UFO sightings by Christopher Columbus and Alexander the Great.
  • Military pilot's encounter with UFOs.
  • Kenneth Arnold's historic sighting of UFOs over the Cascade mountains.
  • Recently released FBI documents on UFOs.
  • Evidence that UFOs exist as seen in film footage taken by American Astronauts.
  • Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan tell of their UFO sightings.
  • The truth about Project Blue Book.
  • Secret NASA Radio Transmissions.
  • Much more...

Could all of this evidence be proof of a possible future invasion?

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Alien Encounters: The Wright Patterson Airforce Base Connection

A must see research documentary in which many rare interviews and collected evidence is shown! This video is approaching vintage condition, however it contains much rare and sought after evidence of UFO/Alien activity. The U.S. governments involvement in a cover up and alien body testing is of much value in this presentation.

A few topics include:

  • Mark Brasil's Lincoln County New Mexico property is discussed. In July 1947 this was the exact crash site starting the Roswell cover up.
  • Rare interview with Walter Hawk - Roswell Army Airfield Public Information Officer.
  • Compelling photographic military footage showing a F-15 fighter jet engaging a UFO.
  • Rare audio recordings of a former Air Force Physician testifying about alien bodies recovered near Roswell.
  • Testimony describing how Maj. Jessie Marrill Army Intelligence Officer did not believe the weather balloon story.
  • Rare interview with Glenn Dennis - Roswell mortician. He testifies that he was approached by the military for a strange request.
  • Interview with Hector Quintanilla - Last head Director of the "Project Blue Book."
  • Incredible information from a VA Dental Technician who was approached by the military in 1979. Hard evidence revealing that the military may be testing alien bodies.
  • Much more.

Runtime Approx. 30 min. Color. Video screenshots below.

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The HAARP Experiment

H.A.A.R.P. is a scientific research facility, located near Gakona, in the remote Alaskan outback and is a joint Navy and Air Force project. This facility is used to study the earth's Ionosphere, the electrically-charged belt surrounding our planet's upper atmosphere, ranging between 40 to 60 miles from its surface.

More specifically, H.A.A.R.P. is a controversial high frequency radio transmitter, or "ionospheric heater". The military intends to use this billion-watt pulsed radio beam in our upper atmosphere, which will create extremely low frequency waves, or ELF waves. This technology will enhance communications with submarines and will allow us to "see" into the Earth, detecting anything from oil reserves to hidden underground military targets. H.A.A.R.P.'s roots can be traced back to work of Nikola Tesla, a Yugoslavian scientist, who's achievements include the Tesla Coil or "magnifying transmitter" which is still used in televisions and radio today.


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