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Skeleton Lake

Paranormal Investigation

The Washington State Paranormal Research Group were contacted by a property owner in the North Cascade Mountains of Washington State.

The client is the owner of 140 acres of land where he was building a new home.

The remote land is also the site of a forgotten pioneer cemetery. The land was cleared just North of the cemetery however, during the work just South of the new house, several more grave sites were located.

The owner believed he may had inadvertently built the house over the old cemetery.

Observe the introduction of the WSPRG newest equipment, the Electro Magnetic Field Motion Detector (EMF-MD). New technology used in the search and study of ghost entities! Documentary contains:

  • Complete setup and investigation of 6 Paranormal Collection.
  • The introduction of the WSPRG newest equipment, the EMF-MD.
  • Electro Magnetic Field Motion Detection photos caught on the teams monitoring system.
  • Night time entity images caught on the teams monitoring system.
  • Over 60 minutes of compelling research during the most intense investigation in the teams history.
  • Much more..

 Paranormal Front and Back

Paranormal Investigation

The Washington State Paranormal Research Group (WSPRG) were asked to investigate a home with a disturbing history. The home had been the location of at least three recorded deaths. The client, a home mortgage broker, had witnessed the house go up for sale three times in just two years. Prior to that, the home sat vacant for over twenty years in disrepair. As a rental home, most tenants moved out within three months of time.

Occupants of the home have left with terrifying tales that include paranormal events both explainable and unforgettable. The Washington State Paranormal Research Group were asked to investigate the home for evidence of a haunting. The team was given three days to investigate.

Investigation site facts: the home was built in 1949
In 1962 there were two documented suicides at the residence from a terminally ill couple.
In 2005, an accidental death occurred of a small child who had fallen from a playhouse in the backyard.

Paranormal activities reported:

  • Full apparitions
  • Voices
  • Objects moved
  • Strange noises heard
  • Cold spots
  • Feelings of dread
  • Footsteps heard

The team walk you through the setup of their equipment along with their video and audio monitoring system, which are high tech instruments that utilize candle light flame for communication and attraction. Witness the evidence that was captured during the investigation and listen to the voices that were caught on their digital recorders. Join the WSPRG as they take you deep into the most compelling paranormal research investigation to date.

 Haunted Cemetery Front and Back DVD

Haunted Cemetery
The Convincing Investigation...

For the first time, the Washington State Paranormal Research Group conduct an outdoor investigation on the property of a haunted historical cemetery.

The WSPRG were called to investigate a historical cemetery. This cemetery was located on private property. The owner had been in the process of clearing land when several unknown graves were uncovered. Paranormal activity soon followed in the forms of shadows, orbs of light, and mysterious sounds and voices. This phenomenon was also observed in the surrounding forest of the property. Could disturbing the historical cemetery be the cause of the recent paranormal activity?

The cemetery is that of early homesteaders and explorers who made the first bold settlements in the rugged and harsh Pacific Northwest. In the past, lost hikers and hunters have accidentally stumbled in to the cemetery and reported seeing ghosts. The property owners, terrified and desperate, searched to find answers to why the increased activity developed. The WSPRG was allowed three days to investigate the activity.

This compelling private research documentary takes you into the center of the investigation everyone is talking about. Join members of the Washington State Paranormal Research Group as they investigate one of the oldest and forgotten cemeteries in the Pacific Northwest.

Documentary contains:

  • Rare video footage of "energy balls of light"
  • Mysterious recordings coming from the forest caught on video camera
  • Unknown shadows manifesting near the investigators
  • Startling EVP answers to the investigators' questions at the grave sites
  • One of the most terrifying outdoor investigations ever recorded
  • Much more..

See what the WSPRG organization witnessed. This rare documentary will convince the disbelievers and astound the skeptics.

60 minutes.


The Haunted:
Evidence of the Paranormal

The Washington State Paranormal Research Group were called and asked to investigate a historical home.

The owner just purchased property on Dekay Road and was in the process of remodeling it when he noticed strange noises and voices in the home. During this process he found an abandoned antique rocking chair left behind by the previous owners. He witnessed it rocking on its own. Feeling uncomfortable with the house he stopped all work. A private family cemetery also occupies the property as well as an old building that was used as a morgue. The home owner became uncomfortable and asked that the house be investigated for a possible haunting.

Members of the WSPRG thought it would turn out to be an average investigation, however they soon realized they had an overpowering quantity of paranormal activities occur. Activities of a POLTERGEIST.

Video footage also includes:

  • Paranormal activity in the living room
  • Footage of the rocking chair moving
  • Several shadow entities recorded in the house
  • Possible energy spheres levitating down the hallway
  • EVP recordings
  • Loss of power due to a lighting storm during the investigation

60 minutes.

 New Paranormal front and back DVD

Paranormal Activities
The Unexplained Footage

The Washington State Paranormal Research Group compile their most interesting and compelling paranormal research clips gathered in three years of time. Some of the investigations include haunted homes, historical cemeteries and locations, old morgues, rundown theaters, etc.

Paranormal research footage contains:

  • Orb activities
  • Unknown shadow entities
  • Moving objects
  • Doors opening and closing
  • Some of the clearest EVP's the team has captured
  • Sinks turning off and on
  • Bed sheets being pulled off at night
  • Rocking chairs moving
  • Chandeliers swaying
  • Much more!

Approximately 60 minutes.

 Paranormal Research Project

The Paranormal Research Project
An Independent Study of Haunted Locations

Go...to several locations with a private research group where paranormal activity is reported. Witness rare footage of poltergeist activity and disembodied voices. See photos of apparitions caught on film during a night in a historical cemetery.

Go...to the location where Billy Gohl, our nations most prolific serial killer lured his victims and violently murdered them. Billy Gohl was blamed for nearly 200 murders in the small timber town of Aberdeen, Washington. Could this be the reason for the high amount of paranormal activity in Aberdeen?

Go...to a home where a terrified owner continuously hears strange noises and voices coming from the basement at night. A video camera is placed in the basement in an act of desperation to find the source. You will see the actual video footage that shows objects being thrown and voices caught on tape. An active poltergeist seems to target an old dictionary. Could this entity be trying to communicate a message? Disembodied voices, haunted cemeteries dating back to 1884 and amazing photos are included in this rare documentary.


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