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Unexplained Footage Set

Unexplained Footage & Paranormal Activities Set

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The Unexplained Footage

The Washington State Paranormal Research Group compile their most interesting and compelling paranormal research clips gathered in three years of time.

Some of the investigations include haunted homes, historical cemeteries and locations, old morgues, rundown theaters, etc.

Paranormal research footage contains:

  • Orb activities
  • Unknown shadow entities
  • Moving objects
  • Doors opening and closing
  • Some of the clearest EVP's the team has captured
  • Sinks turning off and on
  • Bed sheets being pulled off at night
  • Rocking chairs moving
  • Chandeliers swaying
  • Much more!

Thank you for your support. Approx. 60 minutes.

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 Paranormal Research Project001

The Paranormal Research Project

Go... to several locations with a private research group where paranormal activity is reported. Witness rare footage of poltergeist activity and disembodied voices.
See photos of apparitions caught on film during a night in a historical cemetery.

Go... to the location where Billy Gohl, our nations most prolific serial killer lured his victims and violently murdered them. Gohl was blamed for nearly 200 murders in the small timber town of Aberdeen, Washington. Could this be the reason for the high amount of paranormal activity in Aberdeen?

Go... to a home where a terrified owner continuously hears strange noises and voices coming from the basement at night. A video camera is placed in the basement in an act of desperation to find the source. You will see the actual video footage that shows objects being thrown and voices caught on tape. An active poltergeist seems to target an old dictionary. Could this entity be trying to communicate a message? Disembodied voices, haunted cemeteries dating back to 1884 and amazing photos are included in this rare documentary. If you like shows such as Ghost Hunters you wont want to miss this rare documentary.

Thank you for your support.


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