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Basket Weaving Principles

Basket Weaving Principles

Basket Making for All Levels ~ 150 Vintage Books on DVD

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Learn basket making with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions from this collection of Victorian Era publications. Basket weaving, is the process of weaving un-spun vegetable fibers into a basket or other similar forms. Baskets are made from a variety of fibrous or pliable materials—anything that will bend and form a shape. Examples include pine straw, animal hair, hide, grasses, thread, and wood; all which are covered in these eBooks.

You receive 150 basket related titles, teaching everything you need to know about the art of basket weaving.


Collection includes the following eBooks:

1.) 1901 How To Make Baskets. 258 pages.
How to make covers, handles, mats and borders, materials needed for weaving, candy baskets, scrap baskets, birds nests, oval baskets, how to cane chairs, Indian stitches, doll furniture, twin baskets, coiled baskets, bowls, much more.

2.) 1901 Indian Basketry - 300 Illustrations. 200 pages.
Basketry in Indian Legend, in ceremonies, colors, weaves and stitches, basket forms and designs, origins and relations to art, uses of baskets, designs of animal/vegetable origin, hints for the collector, preserving the art, much more.

3.) 1901 Raphia & Reed Weaving. 132 pages.
Construction in paper and cardboard, free weaving, construction by measurement, reed weaving, a course in Raphia, Raphia with slats and wire, ..

4.) 1903 More Baskets & How To Make Them. 200 pages.
Centres and weaving, flower baskets, for practical use, hanging baskets, square baskets, how to rush seat chairs, Raffia and palm leaf hats, basketry, palm leaf basketry, natural dyes and unusual materials, much more.

5.) 1903 How to Make Indian and Other Baskets (with many illustrations)148 pages.
Choosing materials, prep materials, how to make dyes (using beets, cranberries, onion skins, etc.), pattern making, double weaving, single weaving, pairing, rope twist, triple weaving, much more.

6.) 1904 Basketry & Weaving- Step by Step 40 pages.
Braiding, doll clothes, picture frames, basket weaving, bowls, rattan mats, wash cloths, blankets, home decor, furnishings, much more.

7.) 1904 Practical & Artistic Basketry. 152 pages.
How to make mats, baskets, handles, covers, hinges, fastenings, native willow baskets, knot or lace stitch, Navaho weave, button hole stitch, strap stitch, wip stitch, pomo stitch, articles made of corn husks, much more.

8.) 1909 Indian Basketry & How To Make Them. Over 600 Illustrations! 284 pages.
Basking making people, weaves, baskets forms and designs, symbolism of Indian basketry, imitation and conventionalism, designs of natural origin, how to make Indian baskets, much more.

9.) 1922 Crepe Paper Rope Basket Weaving 50 pages.
Easy to follow instructions on making oval, square, and oblong baskets out of crepe paper rope.

10.) 1912 Inexpensive Basketry. 54 pages.
Step by step processes of coiled basket construction, equipment and materials needed, much more.

11.) 1914 Practical Basket Making. 136 pages.
How to make serving trays, hopi stitch, a lazy stitch basket, maiden hair fern basket, jewel baskets, havasupai stitch, inserting shells, beads, feathers; making grass and pine needle baskets, much more.

12.) 1914 Raphia and Reed Weaving. 140 pages.
Construction by measurement, cardboard, Raphia with slats and wire, a complete outline course, much more.

13.) 1914 The Basketry Book - 12 Lessons. 180 pages.
Fundamental weaves, work baskets, simple handles, flower baskets, candy baskets with and without lids, Indian centres, large gathering baskets, table of weaves and coils, much more.

14.) 1915 How To Make Baskets. 258 pages.
Mats and borders, simple baskets, covers and handles, under and over weaving, triple twist, napkin rings, much more.

15.) 1916 Practical Basketry. 219 pages.
Separate bottom baskets, hanging baskets, flower receptacles, fruit basket trays, utility baskets, much more.

16.) 1916 Basketry of the Papago and Pima. 162 pages.
Wrapped weaving, plaiting, crude coiling, coarse coiling, clothes and lace coiling, lattice wrapped weaving, weaving doors, cage construction of lattice wrapped weaving, Pima hairbrushes, weaved house wall, much more.

17.) 1917 Alaska Basketry. 56 pages.
Alaskan natives, tribes along with their materials (rye grass, willow grass, etc), using cedar bark, hemlock bark, cooking baskets, storage baskets, much more.

18.) 1920 Pine Needle Basketry 37 pages.
Vases, table mats, trays, candle sticks, lamp shades and bowls, coasters, woven handbags, glass bottoms, oval sandwich trays...

19.) 1959 Crow Indian Beadwork 112 pages.
Indian clothing, moccasins, blankets, saddles, Crow Indian beadwork, colors, etc...

20.) 1902 Pomo Indian Baskets & Their Makers 56 pages.
Basket & bowl designs, history, many photos, weaves, etc....

21.) 1910 - Handicrafts For Girls. 136 pages.
Textile fibers and fabrics; silk, cotton, flax and wool; dress and its relation to art; paper, cloth and cardboard construction, much more.

Much more!


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