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Antique Cookbooks

The Ultimate Antique Cookbook Collection

Compilation contains over 450 Vintage eBooks and Over 25,000 Recipes!

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$1,000 worth of useful information and valuable recipes (1857)
365 orange recipes an orange recipe for every day in the year (c1909)
A book of practical recipes for the housewife (1900)
A dainty cook book (1902)
A dozen dainty recipes for preparing War department canned meats (1920)
Best recipes for baking (1907)
Bread and pastry recipes of the world famous chefs, United States, Canada, Europe (1913)
California Mexican-Spanish cook book selected Mexican and Spanish recipes (1914)
Cassell's dictionary of cookery containing about nine thousand recipes (1892)
Chafing-dish recipes (1912)
Chinese cookery in the home kitchen; recipes for the most popular Chinese dishes (1911)
Choice recipes (1920)
Club House cook book (1916)
Consolidated library of modern cooking and household recipes (1904)
Cook And Housekeepers Dictionary (1822)
Cookery Reformed (1755)
Cooking school recipes (1890)
Dainty desserts a large collection of recipes for delicious sweets and dainties (1922)
Date cook book (1919)
Delicate Feasting (1890)
Delicious recipes (1920)
Dr. Chase's recipes (1874)
Dr. Price's delicious desserts containing practical recipes carefully selected and tested (c1904)
Economy cook book (1918)
Every day meals being economic and wholesome recipes for breakfast, luncheon, and supper (1877)
Everyday cook book (1891)
Everywoman's cook book, recipes and food combinations for the household (1922)
Favorite recipes (1903)
Favorite recipes (1923)
Fifty valuable and delicious recipes made with corn meal (1917)
Fireless cooker recipes (1909)
French cookery for American homes 634 recipes of simple and easy dishes (1901)
Gillett's magic cook book (1892)
Good housekeeping's book of menus, recipes, and household discoveries (1922)
Good recipes (1906)
Hawaiian cook book (1920)
Housewives favorite recipes for cold dishes, dainties, chilled drinks, etc (1916)
How to cook fish. Recipes for preparing sea and fresh water fish for the table (1886)
Jane Hamilton's recipes delicacies from the Old dominion (1909)
Just for two a collection of recipes designed for two persons (1903)
Ladys New Receipt Book (1850)
Left overs how to transform them into palatable and wholesome dishes, with many recipes (1898)
Light entertaining a book of dainty recipes for special occasions (1910)
Manual of wheatless recipes (1918)
Meats, poultry and game how to buy, cook and carve, with a potpourri of recipes (1919)
Midnight feasts two hundred & two salads and chafing-dish recipes (1914)
Miss Beechers Housekeeper (1873)
Miss Parloas Kitchen Companion (1887)
Modern Housewife Or Menagere (1850)
Mother Hubbard's cupboard recipes (1887)
Mrs Beetons Book Of Household Management (1907)
Mrs. M. T. Wellborn's recipes for preserving fruits (1874)
Mrs. Welch's cook book (1884)
My mother's cook book (1880)
Never fail cook book (1914)
New Cyclopedia Of Domestic Economy (1872)
New Orleans cook book (1898)
New Receipts For Cooking (1852)
Old-time recipes for home made wines, cordials and liqueurs from fruits, flowers, vegetables, and shrubs (1922)
On Uncle Sam's water wagon 500 recipes for delicious drinks, which can be made at home (1919)
One hundred & twenty-five recipes bread, cakes & pies (1915)
One hundred and one practical non-flesh recipes (1917)
One Thousand And One Useful Recipes (1890)
One thousand favorite recipes (1908)
Our Viands Whence They Come (1893)
Paper-bag cookery complete directions and recipes (1912)
Paper-bag cookery with nearly two hundred recipes (1911)
Pop corn recipes (1916)
Practica l Cooking And Dinner Giving (1888)
Practical cook book (1908)
Practical Italian recipes for American kitchens (1917)
Practical recipes for making ice cream (1886)
Recipes dainties, salads and clever hints (1919)
Recipes for sea food how to prepare and serve fish, oysters, clams, scallops, lobsters, crabs, and shrimp (1913)
Recipes from the old country and the new (1910)
Sharks as food. With thirty recipes (1918)
Skates and rays. Interesting fishes of great food value, with 29 recipes for cooking them (1918)
Southern recipes (1919)
Studies of American fungi Recipes for cooking mushrooms (1901)
The American home cook book a volume of tested recipes (1913)
The Art Of Cookery Made Easy And Refined (1802)
The baby's food recipes for the preparation of food for infants and children (1917)
The Baptist cook book (1907)
The blue and gold cook book recipes of quality (1912)
The bride's cook book (1915)
The calorie cook book (1923)
The Century cook book (1895)
The century cook book (1908)
The Chinese cook book (1917)
The church cook book (1908)
The Complete Cook (1846)
The cook book of left-overs a collection of 400 reliable recipes for the practical housekeeper (1911)
The Cooking Manual (1877)
The cook's economical book (1918)
The Cooks Oracle (1830)
The Cooks Own Book (1832)
The corn cook book (1907)
The economy cook book (1910)
The golden rule cook book six hundred recipes for meatless dishes (1912)
The Handy cook book (1917)
The Home cook book (1881)
The home cook book (1905)
The Home Guide A Book By 500 Ladies
The housekeeper cook book (1894)
The Housekeepers Book (1837)
The ideal cook book (1902)
The Imperial And Royal Cook (1809)
The Italian Cook Book the Art of Eating Well practical recipes of the Italian cuisine (1919)
The kitchen companion: valuable recipes for ice creams, puddings, pies, cakes, blanc mange, custards, etc (1869)
The Ladies Assistant (1790)
The London Art Of Cookery (1811)
The master book of soups, featuring 1,001 titles and recipes (1900)
The Metropolitan Life cook book (1918)
The modern baker a compilation of valuable recipes arranged in convenient form for every day use (1903)
The Modern Cook (1859)
The new household discoveries an encyclopedia of recipes and processes (1917)
The original book, the way to a man's heart choice recipes (1916)
The pet cook book (1878)
The plain sailing cook book a collection of simple recipes for beginners in cookery (1922)
The Press prize recipes for meats, vegetables, bread, and pastry (1889)
The Professed Cook (1776)
The reliable cook book (1892)
The Southern cook book of fine old recipes (1935)
Things mother used to make: a collection of old time recipes, some nearly 100 years old (1914)
Two hundred and seventy-five war-time recipes (1918)
Two hundred recipes for making desserts, including French pastries (1912)
Westminster Church cook book (1916)
What to drink: the blue book of beverages; recipes for making and serving non-alcoholic drinks (1920)
Woman's favorite cook book (1902)


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