Western Digital Productions
Service Agreement

Please print and sign this document, then email it to:

Western Digital Productions

Website Package: Please check all that apply.
Basic $300.00 Basic Plus $400.00 Basic Business $800.00
Business Plus $1200.00 Corporate $1800.00
Translation Services: $175.00 and up per page. _______ pages
Other: _______________

By signing this service agreement, you, the client, agree to the terms and conditions set forth below:

* I have read the disclaimer, understand its contents, and agree to them.
* I am 18 years or older.
* 50% nonrefundable deposit is required in order to begin any service.
(web designing and/or translating services)
* I understand that additional charges may occur if altering and/or adding to any package
(extra pages, custom graphics, gateway accounts, domain registration, picture scans, etc.)
* I also understand there will be additional charges for translating.
You will be notified prior to any charge increase.

Signed: ____________________________________ Date: _______________________

Thank you for choosing Western Digital Productions.